25 People Whose Sense of Humor Could Bring Them Millions

Scientists claim that people with a good sense of humor have a higher IQ. Even Albert Einstein said that he would not have such outstanding intellectual abilities without his sense of humor. Of course, ingenious jokes are a rare thing, and they're not something people can come up with every day. Nevertheless, there are people who are able to respond brilliantly even to simple situations.

Bright Side collected examples of people who have such excellent senses of humor that they surely deserve to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

"This is what an ATM presented me with."

This is how to be photographed at the cinema.

One step ahead. (Translation: "Friday is a non-working day. The answer to the question, "Can I just ask something?" is "No.")

Doctors have a great sense of humor.

An announcement from our local supermarket.

Police officers have a sense of humor too.

This is what growing old with dignity and a sense of humor really means.


"At the end of the work week, I need this sign too."

He lost his leg, but not his sense of humor.

The postman did his best.

Somebody's 14th February is not their happiest day.

"Today I'm having surgery. I hope the surgeon shares my sense of humor."

Someone has very cynical neighbors.

"My boyfriend got me this thoughtful gift when I passed my driving test..."

This is how to solve having a bad morning.

I'd love to follow this advice, but...

They definitely found each other.

And this comment is worth the entire world.

"I sewed eyeballs on my cats' bed to make it look like a monster was eating them."

"I'm going crazy."

"Jeez, my life is so boring."

"He grew up so fast!"

"I have never wanted anything more in my life..."

"I have just given the spider in my bathroom its eviction notice."

What other examples of humor that you know about deserve an award? Share them in the comments.

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