25 Photos That Came Off Super Cool by Sheer Chance

Photography is an integral part of our lives. As a rule, our photos are carefully planned: we strike a pose, choose a background, and assume the perfect facial expression. However, sometimes things get caught on camera that make the shot come out differently to what was planned.

Bright Side has collected for you some photos of random people who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“My son’s first photobomb. He’s 10 months old.”

“My girlfriend received a group selfie from a wrong number, so we quickly sent one back.”

This puppy looks like he’s reporting from his best beach vacation ever.

When your friends know you’re an expert at spoiling photos so they lock you up in a hotel room:

“I’m so sorry, but I urgently need this stick.”

When you’re being photographed while having pressing matters to fix:

It’s great when world-famous stars support their fans.

“Let’s smile, human!”

“Why, wasn’t it me that you hired the photographer for?”

This turtle is making a clear statement that he is not very fond of these people.

“Honey, I think our daughter is a cat.”

The things you encounter when you shoot a photo session on a beach...

There’s always a giant whale to spoil a photo of a little bird.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a flying dog.

Naturally, Imgur staff are experts at making photobombs.

“I thought my son in the background made the picture interesting, but then I noticed his toy car.”

“Asked the chicken to team up with us for the photo. She totally nailed it.”

“Tried to pose for a picture while enjoying a grade 11 marketing class.”

Master Yoda, is that you?

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, jogs through a prom photo. Hardly anyone notices at first.

“My boyfriend ruining the first of many hundreds of group photos in his lifetime.”

“Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam.”

“Bruce Springsteen decided to improve my selfie.”

“My friend was taking a picture in LA when this guy — who apparently has his office around the corner — happened to walk past and decided to photobomb.”

Both creatures are happy to meet each other.

The dog knows what it’s doing.

“The day I tried to take a selfie with a camel...”

Water aerobics?

Do you have any pictures that became photobombs by mere accident? Share them in the comments!

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