27 Unusual Cars That Will Be Remembered Even by Those Who Don’t Understand Anything About Them

The creativity of some motorists knows no limits. These cars were made simply to amuse anyone who sees them.

Bright Side collected the best examples of original tuning.

When you are very glamorous:

It seems that he accidentally stopped by the toy store.

Cute and fluffy

The police also have the right to luxury.

My beauty

At least it won’t be stolen.

A very, very strange design...

It’s not clear how to control it.

No, it’s not upside down.

Come out! The car has arrived.

Like 2 drops of water

Why spend money replacing the headlamp?

Simply perfect

Giant lobsters attack!

It looks like a UFO on wheels.

We wonder if it rings instead of honking...

It seems she is tired.

Crazy tuning

Pikachu, I choose you.

Who wants to have a ride in a banana?

Perhaps it’s too slow.

Ecological victory

The car I drew in my childhood exists.

It seems to have been bitten by bees.

True coffee machine

When the aerography on your car is too real:

Chromed wheels

Which of these cars did you like the most?

Preview photo credit dopreS0891/pikabu
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