26 Epic Cases When Perpetrators Got Their Comeuppance

Revenge is sweet, or so they say. But not everyone is brave enough to stand up to their offenders.

To show that even the smallest of nasty tricks never goes unpunished, Bright Side has collected 26 photos where justice triumphed and perpetrators got their due retribution.

At the end of the article, you’ll find out how an actor came up with his own way to cope with meddlesome fans.

1. Taking 2 parking spots is a real crime. And here’s a fitting punishment.

2. Same method, next level.

3. Another terrible parker paid the price.

4. A simpler way, but it will suffice.

5. “I saw the trash being dumped on the road, found the dumper’s address, and returned everything to him.”

6. “Guy told me to go to hell when I asked him to move his truck. Now he’s going to stay in the porto potty until he apologizes.”

7. Street artists react to their work being ruined.

8. This is what your quarrels with neighbors can lead to...especially if your garages are adjacent.

9. Dad’s revenge

10. “This little girl in the park kept winding up a peacock, and it took revenge when she turned her back.”

11. Cats never forget and never forgive.

12. Neither do dogs.

13. This one seems to be enjoying the situation.

14. “Bad parking doesn’t go unpunished where I work.”

15. A crazy ex’s revenge!

16. Looks like wrapping cars is a trend.

17. “I revenged myself on the cat for always stepping on the laptop.”

18. “It’s your own fault.”

19. Sometimes you don’t have to take vengeance yourself. Life will do it for you.

20. Here’s more proof:

21. Animals know the meaning of justice.

22. “Karma at its very best.”

23. “The only thing my wife left me after the divorce was her wedding dress. She told me to do whatever I wanted with it, and so I did.”

24. “My manager sprayed me in the face with an upside-down can of air duster, so I built this and shot him as revenge.”

25. “My roommate went out of town and came back to 400 balloons.”

“This week, he got his revenge when the other one left. Literally everything in his room was wrapped and put back in the same place.”

26. The service must have been really bad.

Bonus: Treat others like they treat you.

American actor Cole Sprouse often gets recognized on the street and has to deal with numerous people attempting to take a photo of him — subtle and not so much. Cole has found an original way to counter the unwanted attention: upon noticing a camera aimed at him, he takes his phone and gets a shot of the unfortunate paparazzi to post on his Instagram, accompanied by an apt ironic comment.

Have you ever witnessed a case of witty and well-deserved revenge? Share your observations in the comments!

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