26 Photo Proofs That Nature Will Take Over Anyway

Though humans are still trying to conquer the world, nature has already proven its almightiness. Bright Side has collected 26 photo proofs in favor of nature.

26. "I.M. Cooling tower, Belgium"

25. California

24. Temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

23. Abandoned railway station, Abkhazia

22. "Abandoned Ferris Wheel"

21. Abandoned hotel room in Colombia

20. "Old Abandoned Mill in Sorrento, Italy"

19. On a street

18. Paris

17. Taiwan

16. "102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship in Sydney, Australia"

15. "Bicycle Eaten by a Tree on Vashon Island, Washington"

14. The Church of Saint Mary, Belarus

13. "Tossed the seeds down the sink while carving my jack-o-lantern 2 weeks ago and forgot to turn on the garbage disposal..."

12. Abandoned Keelung City, Taiwan

11. Florida

10. The tunnel of love, Ukraine

9. Dublin

8. Abandoned hotel, Japan

7. Kolmanskop, a city in a desert in Namibia

6. Trade Center in Bangkok

5. Hong Kong

4. Hurricane Sandy, Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head, NC, photographed by Gerry Broome

3. The Netherlands

2. "We left the house alone for 3 months..."

1. Nature will always find a way.

And whose side are you on?

Preview photo credit gravityisweak/reddit, AP Images
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