26 Puzzling Photos Where You Need to Look Twice to Get What’s Going On

It seems that some photos are created to be puzzled over. Unusual angles, strange reflections, and things resembling something completely different – all these stymie our minds and make us look at photos again and again to finally understand what is going on.

Bright Side has collected 26 photos, looking at which equals solving a puzzle. Nevertheless, it is still nice to look at them.

The water in Sweden is very pure.

A meeting of mini-brontosauruses on a lawn in Costa Rica

It seems the sun is massaging the shoulders of this man.

When you blink faster than the shutter on a camera:

It's not the ocean...it's a plastic bag.

That's quite a reach!

What an unusual cat!

The Space Needle tower in Seattle comes through the clouds and looks like Cloud City from Star Wars.

Thousands of crows sitting on snowy trees

This cat has not been pinned down by the chair, and he is absolutely OK.

Cool glove! Wait... What is this?!

This window in an abandoned building in Australia looks like a picture.

The lamp's reflection turned into a UFO.

"Every time I think this building is burning, but it is a reflection of the sunset."

Someone simply spilled juice at school, but now it looks like the scene of a brutal murder.

The photographer changed the reflection slightly.

Down came the rain...suddenly...

No more whiskey shots for this wall!

These tire traces look like a hummingbird.

When you forgot that you were a lettuce and grew into a small Christmas tree:

River troll

This frozen ice looks like a topographic map.

Wine bottles melted during a forest fire, and now they look like this:

Look closer. It's not a leaf.

It's frosty in Krasnoyarsk!

"My wife tried to take a panorama at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and got Dino Centipede instead."

Do you have any interesting photos that can be added to this list? Please share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit bmullerone / reddit.com
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