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27 Perfect Photos That Can Put Anyone Into a Hypnotic Trance

Our world is filled with beautiful scenery, but in the hustle of everyday life most of us can't distract ourselves and go looking for it. We decided to make this task easier for you and found something really special.

Bright Side gathered 27 of the most mesmerizing photographs for you.

1. Wisteria in bloom, Japan

2. The library hall, Dublin

3. Multicolored ivy on a museum wall

4. A kingfisher and its reflection in the water

5. A cotton candy colored rosefinch

6. A flying tennis ball

7. In the mist, Switzerland

8. The first snow in spring, Maryland

9. A participant of the extreme ironing contest

10. A lightning strike

11. Petri dish art

12. I've mastered the art of making the best pancakes.

13. A beautiful cream swirl

14. Could a snowball be more perfect?

15. The Milky Way above a lighthouse

16. An amazing mosaic on the floor of a cathedral in Florence (top view)

17. Night sky petunia

18. Thunderclouds above a field

19. This foot bridge is a work of art.

20. A road in the Namib desert

21. Hawa Mahal, Palace of Breeze, Jaipur (India)

22. The eyes of the tunnel

23. A pink and white rose

24. A beautiful arrangement of vitamins

25. This phone fits perfectly.

26. The perfect bowl

27. Fireworks in Japan

Which of the photos above did you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments.