27 Photos Proving We Are Living in a Fascinating Time

It seems that a modern person has already seen everything, and it’s challenging to amaze him. But we will try to do it anyway, especially when we can learn more interesting things from different corners of the planet with the help of the internet.

Bright Side found 27 photos for you to prove that there are unusual things everywhere around us.

Instead of a regular pizza box, here is a "box" made from another pizza.

A Japanese 1 yen coin is so light it doesn’t sink in water.

"AntiLEGO" slippers — those treacherous bricks will not disturb you anymore.

"My hair dye came with little gloves to cover my glasses!"

The discount for ice cream depends on the air temperature: the colder it is, the higher the discount.

This knife in a Swiss restaurant has the shape of the mountain peaks of the Alps.

He probably feels more comfortable this way.

This bicycle has airless tires.

This Super Nintendo console became a part of the wall.

How to propose to a gamer girl:

A sudden announcement in Disneyland

"We bought a developing game for our kid, and a line of the instructions was painted over. We erased the paint, and there..."

"Found out that my 3-year-old daughter keeps a box with a knife, a gun, and some cash. Should I be worried?"

Transformers are already here. I recently installed a 220-volt antifreeze heater in a car. It seems I have big problems now.

For those who are only allowed to have one glass of wine a day by their doctor’s orders:

"Someone lost a purse 100 years ago. Today we found it."

This trooper has mastered knitting.

The smart elevator will tell you how many people can fit in it.

"Ecostapler" instead of staples

The presenter of the weather forecast from Sweden wears a sweater with a cat and lightning.

"Superheroes...African style"

"I started my first job today, and the best perk is definitely the office dog!"

Selfie toaster

Meanwhile in Africa...

Gaius Julius the taxi driver

"A llama in a lobster costume. That is all."

The reaction of a male gorilla to photos of female gorillas. Look how fastidious he is, just like humans!

Are there any interesting photos you can share with us? We would be glad to have a look at them in the comments!

Preview photo credit malcolmbutterfiddle, DavidDawish
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