27 Photos That Can Be Taken Only at This Very Moment

Sometimes you don't need the right camera angle, sharpness, or even a good camera to take a magnificent photo. Sometimes it's all about the right moment.

Bright Side gathered 27 photos where timing played the most important role.

"The water flying onto this elephant looks like an elephant too."

"The moment I lost my glasses."

This is what the Grand Canyon looks like when it's lit only by lightning.

Simple bottles made him the chief of an Indian tribe.

Excuse me, do you have a few minutes to talk to me?

When the sun is overhead, it's like you're in a bad video game.

When you spend too much time underwater:

One very dexterous raven!

This is the easiest way to become as cool as your dog.

An ideal photo moment or superpowers?

Sometimes one's reflection is more interesting than the water world.

When your teammate can levitate but doesn't use it during games:

Just an ordinary wedding photo. But it wasn't only the groom who got a kiss.

That ideal moment when you have a nice haircut!

This bumblebee seems to be carrying the sun.

When the train's already left but its lights haven't:

A sun flower

Sometimes even coffee is spilled ideally.

The right timing and angle...and you can't recognize your eyes!

This plane fits perfectly into the surrounding world.

This is what comfort means.

A jet eagle

Like a toy!

You can finally play with the moon after snowboarding.

Ladybugs have their own transport.

A tattoo master probably waited for this very moment.

A kiss with a fire dragon

Have you ever managed to catch a great moment when taking a picture? Share your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit mike_pants / Reddit
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