27 Pictures That Have the Power to Take Your Breath Away

Have you ever looked at a picture and felt that it made your heart beat faster and your head spin around? Not yet?

Then take a look at these photos that we at Bright Side picked out for you. They'll make you see things a little differently.

27. A random shot

26. The Yukon River on the border between Canada and the United States

25. "I took 5 pictures with my drone and stitched them together to create this inception-style picture."

24. The reflection of Chicago on Lake Michigan captured by a plane passenger

23. "I got extremely lucky with both the position of the Milky Way and the way a passing car's headlights lit up the foreground of Kauai's Brennecke Beach."

22. Seattle on fire

21. A full supermoon on December 3, 2017, which means the full moon and lunar perigee were only days apart.

20. 4,590 feet (1,400 meters) above the ground

19. New York is reflected in a skyscraper.

18. A Space Odyssey

17. A truly dizzying staircase

16. Dubai skyscrapers peek through the clouds.

15. The Blue Ridge Mountains at night, Virginia, USA

14. "Camera malfunctioned as we motored away from the dock."

13. This picture of the total solar eclipse was taken with an infrared camera.

12. "Homeowner turned his sprinklers on before leaving to escape a Kansas wildfire. He came home to this."

11. The Earth from a bird's-eye view

10. This guy prefers "extreme ironing." And how do you get your chores done?

9. Summer in Yosemite National Park, California, USA

8. Water elevator, Hawaii

7. "Took a picture of a stealth bomber flyover. Was not disappointed with the timing."

6. This screw in a crack in the sidewalk looks like it's fallen from a serious height.

5. Foggy Pyatigorsk from the top of Mashuk Mountain, Russia

4. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

3. "An isolated downpour just a few miles from my house."

2. These red peppers are drying in the sun on the slopes of mountains in Argentina.

1. This husky is walking on a frozen lake just after a heavy rainfall in Russia.

Do you have any fascinating photos in your personal archive? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit ezzif / reddit
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