27 Stupefying Photos That Leave Us With Many Questions

The fantasy of photographers can be ruthless. And sometimes it happens that things not quite matching the place or time period can appear in a photo.

Bright Side has found photos that don't have any logic in them, simply things you were not expecting to see.

A car on the 4th floor. How did they manage to get it there?

From builders who love children

Build a cruise ship on a mountain? Many things are possible in South Korea.

I am not sure what amazes me more: the cat in the fridge or the fact that there is only one bottle of milk.

There is something strange here too.

When you have only one bottle of rum and many, many games:

When there is no clean saucepan at home:

A Swedish restaurant in the USA decided to place goats on the roof.

It's good that we get normal toilet stalls after becoming adults....

...unless, of course, they were built by some joker.

Lion: "Let's get out of here, buddy. No one is going to hurt you."

To enter or not to enter. That is the question!

The most useless ladder in the world

We should present such pianos to every neighbor!

Another way of making cheeseburgers?

Wonderful markup

A stairway to...?

It fits well.

It's all about attentiveness.

No time for explanations. It can't be compared with laying asphalt during the rain. It's much cooler – it's mowing hay in November.

That moment when there are more questions than answers:

"Sarah Connor, come with me if you want to build snowmen."

Just a drain cover in the middle of the hall...

Coming soon on all Christmas trees of the world!

My granny's butter box

Stonehenge as built by heating system repairmen

Do you have any interesting photos to share? We would be glad to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit AJQ
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