27 Visualgasmic Photos That Will Amaze Anyone With Their Perfection

There isn’t always much beauty and harmony in the things around us, but there can be quite a lot of imperfection and chaos. That’s why those very rare photos, where something truly ideal was captured, amaze people who truly appreciate visual beauty.

Bright Side has collected 27 photos that will let you rest from the everyday chaos. And at the end of the article, there is a funny winter bonus for you.

A winter morning of a minimalist-perfectionist

This sand ball looks way cooler than any abstract art sculpture.

These Japanese pancakes are too perfect to be eaten.

Perfectly even pipes

Did you also not notice the plastic wrap on the bowl of cookies?

This chair was specially made for this shirt and vice versa. A perfect match!

This cheeseburger is too good to be real.

The last one, but just look at it!

That’s a heck of a tail!

“My 8-month-old’s hair is always in a perfect swirl that reminds me of a van Gogh painting.”

Just look at the transition between the tiles! It’s fantastic!

“My tomato plant only produced one tomato this year. But it is picture perfect.”

The cheese that melted on this piece of meat looks like an egg.

You can look at these waves forever.

A perfect “snowball”: round, alive, and fluffy!

This is why owls are very hard to spot in the forest.

A guy managed to take a picture of the perfect snowflake when it landed on his girlfriend’s hair.

The current made a perfect foam wheel.

Every pizza slice has exactly 3 pieces of pepperoni.

I hope there’s a garden with these flowers in a perfectionist’s paradise.

Careful! The color transition on the pepper may make you ecstatic.

Beauty. Order. Harmony.

You don’t need to slide down this ski slope. You can just enjoy the view.

Is this Photoshop or a commercial prop? No, it’s just that this pile of pancakes is too perfect to be real.

Hypnotic reflection of Christmas lights on a fridge door

Nature created perfect scales for these snakes.

Bonus: the perfect cannonball

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Preview photo credit norlin / reddit.com
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