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28 People Who Bitterly Regretted Shopping on the Internet

Online shopping is not always a good idea. Sometimes it becomes a lottery where a harsh reality differs greatly from the beautiful photos on a seller’s site.

Bright Side collected examples of online purchases that became major disappointments and struck directly at buyers’ hearts. Still, these people were able to laugh at themselves and improve the mood of many internet users.

When I bought socks with my idol:

“I ordered these boots on sale for 50% off. I received one shoe.”

“These sunglasses I ordered”:

I haven’t figured out if I should laugh or cry over this purchase.

“I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from Wish....but still, I couldn’t stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!”

“There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots...”

Almost the same:

A new generation of “Smart Watch”?

These dogs look more like zombies.

Did they simply forget to glue them?

The cruelest fraud in my life!

The wedding dress turned out to be a little different from what I expected.

I got more than I ordered.

No difference. At all.

Full compliance with advertising...

Superman is not super anymore.

These overalls became a disappointment.

These smiles look like insidious aliens.

“I must have lost weight...”

Even superheroes had better stay away from online shopping!

I didn’t expect it to be so tiny...

This evening outfit didn’t meet my expectations.

This mug was supposed to change color when heated.

This drink seems to have survived the spring thaw.

It seems I chose the wrong size.

“I feel like I am wearing a doily.”

“When you order a prom dress online”:

Eternal fun!

Did you ever have unsuccessful purchases on the internet that made you become a disappointed buyer? Please share your experience in the comments!

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