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28 Pictures Where Reality Looks Way Cooler Than Any Sort of Photoshop

No photo editor can match what nature itself creates.

Bright Side has gathered 28 real photographs that have no equal among Photoshopped images.

"This giant fireball is a cloud I’ve seen in Morocco."

These fabulous autumn colors are in a Japanese garden in Portland.

"Mom decorated the windows for Easter, and now the cat is colored with polka dots by the sunlight."

"I was walking in a forest when I saw a pine tree getting struck by lightning. Before the firemen I called came, I managed to take a few beautiful shots."

This splash looks like a blanket.

A forest service worker photographed a fire burning a tree from the inside. This is its real color.

"I managed to capture 2 rainbows after a monsoon in the Grand Canyon."

A quiet town in Iceland

This is one picture. No Photoshop! It shows the moon above the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii.

"My 4-year-old nephew loves dinosaurs and volcanoes. I made a cool picture for him in Hawaii."

Just an eagle standing on ice and admiring its reflection!

"It seems like there is a lot of Photoshop in this picture, but it’s just a view from my tent in the morning."

When it’s foggy, the Sutro Tower in San Francisco turns into a pirate ship.

Supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa is for weaklings. Try to support a rainbow!

"My friend just took a picture of this beauty."

This skyscraper in New York is 2-dimensional.

The International Space Station flying over a thunderstorm

Looks like a dog inside a bubble!

When the angle changes everything:

The light is passing through the dining room window and the back of the chair, breaking into the spectrum.

The rays of the setting sun, highlighting the dog from behind a car, give the impression that it’s on fire.

"I went on a 10-km night hike to Lake Solitude in the Grand Teton National Park, and it was amazing."

"Today I managed to photograph something truly amazing."

Little cookies on the stand turned into a huge cookie with chocolate chips in the reflection on the cup.

The Milky Way over a racetrack in Death Valley National Park

2 planes in one picture

This looks like a giant woman resting in the ocean and leaning against a huge mountain.

"Do you think this is a photo from a porthole or from space? It’s Saratov at sunset. Just turn the picture upside down."

Have you ever taken really cool shots? Let’s take a look at them together in the comments.

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