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28 Resourceful People Whose Genius Knows No Bounds

People seek the easiest and simplest solutions in any situation. That's how our brains work. However, sometimes something unexpected bursts in on the logical processes of consciousness and, as a result, some nonstandard things and solutions are born. Still, they are very effective.

Bright Side collected photos of devices whose authors can be awarded the title of "King of Ingenuity."

When it's terribly hot outside but you have to drive:

"My cousin had a pretty effective way to charge her phone when she lost power."

Now the charger cable will never get lost.

When you are not sure whether a beard will suit you so you decide to check:

"My dad's a redneck genius."

Do you need a tablet holder? Here it is...

Do you need sun protection? No problem!

When you don't want to pay for delivery:

If it looks strange but works, it's not silly...

No backaches and the tree is not fading...

The driver will hear this signal for sure...along with everyone else in a 2-mile radius.

When you've had an accident and have been waiting for the police for 3 hours already:

Who said that only car drivers can use these life hacks?

"I kept losing my son during the family reunion. He just started walking, so I found a solution to keep tabs on him."

When your dogs love to crunch Christmas tree decorations but at the same time are very scared of vacuum cleaners:

It seems to be an ideal way to place precise holes for a socket...

"I couldn't find my headphones, and it's late at night. Solution: get a stethoscope, and put it up to the speaker with the computer on low volume."

Why didn't I think of this before?

You don't have an advertising poster or a doorstop? The solution is obvious!

Are the headlights on your car broken? A couple of torches and some adhesive tape are the ideal solution.

When there is no one to arrest but your bath curtain still doesn't want to hang properly:

Why spend money on a vacuum cleaner when you have adhesive tape and wit?

When you are afraid that your dog will run away and get lost is exactly when your ingenuity gets to work.

When your vision fails but your savvy doesn't:

We wonder how she types messages...

This guy will find a way anywhere...

The creators of this spoiler probably didn't think about using it this way.

When there is nothing sharp around but you have a cat:

We are going to grab our cats right now. The only thing that can stop us is seeing your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit GuacamoleFanatic / reddit
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