31 Epic Design Choices That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

In pursuit of originality, or perhaps due to banal stupidity, manufacturers sometimes completely forget about the main purpose of their creations. This is when absurd and absolutely ridiculous things are born.

Bright Side collected 31 examples of such fails. When looking at them, you'll have only one question: "Are you serious?"

Why do we need safety belts when there's a bottle opener right there?

"I needed Red. Guess which one I grabbed at first."

"Mother-daughter bonding at its finest!"

A 2-in-1 knife and wrench: original, creative, pointless

This is an elegant way to get rid of the endless tangle of wires behind your computer.

If you are bad at playing golf, at least you'll be entertained while searching for the ball.

This labyrinth prepares children for the fact that there is little meaning in life.

A Thermos-blender makes it so convenient to measure the required volume, but...

Uncharged mouse? That's it. The working day is over.

Just 3 simple steps to sharing the toilet with your cat!

This ashtray is searching for a new meaning in life.

This is exactly what every woman dreams about: a T-shirt with a picture of another woman in the same T-shirt.

The designers of this ramp do not seem to like people very much.

"Worst. Action figure. Ever."

Growth scale for bicycle selection

Your shirt greatly resembles a bag.

Is this the most pointless use of a travel torch?

If you needed a ramp without a step, you should have said so right away.

This trunk lid accumulates water, so you can't use it in the rain.

This police car is not a car at all.

This hair bleach can be easily mixed up with your cornflakes.

This slide without sides will give new feelings to your child.

It seems they want to tell us something.

An embossed table...because you are not going to write on it.

"Thanks for the advice!"

It's a T-short!

On this package of laces, there is not a single image of shoes that would need them.

It's all about safety.

What does it taste like?

The best place for a pressure sensor

I did it!

Have you ever come across absolutely senseless things like these? Please share your funniest finds in the comments!

Preview photo credit zapsquad/reddit, klahanie/imgur
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