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32 Pictures That Will Satisfy the Perfectionist in You

Perfection — when symmetry, balance, order, and beauty combine in a gratifying visual feast for the eyes.

Sometimes one must strive for perfection, and at other times Mother Nature offers up perfection on a plate. Then there are those exquisite moments when perfection arises from a chance encounter. Bright Side brings you this impeccable selection of images that will make the perfectionist inside you swoon.

A symmetrical breakfast of champions.

This blooming marvelous flower.

Serious dedication to the art of watermelon.

The visual glory that is this apartment block of dreams.

The chaos and order of this blossom-strewn sidewalk.

We feel complete.

Just look how smoothly this stripe goes off the cheese.

Taken at just the perfect moment.

Perfectionist parents unite.

We can’t cope if they’re alphabetized, too!

We couldn’t possibly drink something this perfect.

We wouldn’t be able to resist standing in this spot.

Perfect for the next ten seconds...

Deeply, deeply satisfying.

Oh look! Back where we started — how symmetrical!

This mother’s thumb fits perfectly in her daughter’s nose.

This small flower is made of colored shoes.

Preview photo credit imgur/ lZLjDxk, _esse_
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