32 Photos From the Past Showing Celebrity Lives From an Unexpected Angle

Rare archive images are of great historical value. They take us to the past, revealing a magical world of another time.

Bright Side compiled a set of unique shots that will not leave you indifferent. These flashbacks will give you a bunch of different emotions. Hold your breath!

Bruce and Linda Lee with their children, Brandon and Shannon, late '60s

Steven Spielberg on set with E.T., 1982

Sonny and Cher at an outdoor party given to welcome Twiggy to Los Angeles, 1967

A 17-year-old Helena Bonham Carter wearing baggy dungarees, 1984

Michael Jordan playing against Michael Jackson, 1992

An 18-year-old Robin Williams as a high school senior, 1969

Fishing Hugh Hefner, a founder of Playboy, the '70s

Christmas at the White House with the Kennedys, 1962

Brigitte Bardot at Pablo Picasso's studio on the Cote d'Azur during the Cannes Film Festival, 1956

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with their kids Aimee, Kelly, and Jack, 1987

Fidel Castro playing basketball with students in Krakow during an official visit to Poland, 1972

The original Charlie's Angels in 1976: Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett

Andy Warhol buying Campbell's tomato soup, 1964

Samuel L. Jackson as a high school senior

Elvis Presley in Hawaii, 1960

Salvador Dali at a book signing after publishing Journal d'un genie, 1963

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love bathroom selfie, 1992

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier on their wedding day, 1953

Christina Applegate and her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, 1988

Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, and Larisa Oleynik, 10 Things I Hate About You

Tiny Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy

18-year-old Mariah Carey and 19-year-old Will Smith, 1988

Clint Eastwood skateboarding in Rome, 1964

Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Robert Downey Jr. at the Governors Ball, 1988

23-year-old Frank Sinatra's mug shot after a fight, 1938

Johnny Cash eating cake, 1971

Bill Gates, arrested in Albuquerque for speeding, 1977

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean smoking in New York City

Princess Diana and Prince Harry at an amusement park, 1992

A 20-year-old Leo Tolstoy, 1848

Christian Bale in his teens, 1980s

High school portrait of Jack Nicholson

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