9 People That Managed to Sell Complete Garbage for a Lot of Money

We're pretty sure that 99% of people would consider a piece of glue that resembles a cartoon hero complete garbage. But somehow, the people below have managed to earn thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars for the most random items.

Today, Bright Side is sharing the most absurd transactions ever. Read on until the end to hear a story about an auction of lost suitcases of which the insides were completely unknown to anyone.

9. Having dinner in front of the camera for $10,000.

In South Korea, people who eat food on camera are gaining millions of views on YouTube. These videos are what they call, Mukbang. The celebrities of Mukbang, like hyuneeEats for example (she has more than 400,000 subscribers), earn $10,000 a month by eating huge portions of different foods from noodles, to burgers and sushi.

8. An old sweater for $43,000.

A couple from the U.S.A., Sean and Rikki McEvoy, bought an old sports sweater in a second-hand clothing store for 58 cents. They later learned that the sweater belonged to a legendary American football player, Vince Lombardi Jr. back in the '50s. The couple managed to sell the sweater themselves for $43,000 at an auction.

7. Potato salad for $55,000.

A person named Zack "Danger" Brown decided to use the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter to collect money to cook a batch of potato salad. He was only asking for $10 but the subscribers ended up collecting a whopping $55,422 for him.

6. Justin Bieber's right shoe for $62,000.

At a concert in Frankfurt am Main, singer, Justin Bieber tossed one of his sneakers into the audience. The lucky guy who caught it displayed the shoe on eBay where it was sold for $62,000. The destiny of this Yeezy is unknown but its left mate has its own Instagram page.

5. A printout of a post from off Internet for $90,900.

The printout of a post off the Internet saying,"Anything could be art. This post is art," has been sold on eBay for $90,900 just 36 hours after the start of bidding.

4. A blob of dried glue resembling the head of Homer Simpson for $239,000.

An Englishman, Christopher Herbert, found a blob of dried glue resembling the head of Homer Simpson from the The Simpsons, an animated sitcom while cleaning his flat. He put it up for auction on eBay in jest and was very surprised to see the fight that ensued over this funny item. The blob was finally sold for an incredible $239,000.

3. Pixels on an Internet site for $1,000,000.

A witty student named Alex Tew wanted to earn money for his studies and created a site where every pixel was on sale for one dollar. The minimum order was 100 pixels and whoever bought it could place their own advertising on it with a link to their site. Alex ended up earning one million dollars within less than six months in addition to becoming world famous.

2. The body as an advertising medium for $1,000,000.

Jason Sadler has been earning money for the last five years by wearing T-shirts with the names of different brands on them and posting about it in social media. His first round of T-shirt advertising went for just one buck, but the price kept increasing over time. Eventually, it wasn't just him wearing these T-shirts, but he had four more employees who were wearing them too. Not only did Jason himself earn one million dollars, but he also became famous for his brilliant idea. The world's leading media site wrote about him and even filmed a documentary about his business.

1. A photo of a potato for $1,240,000.

Photographer, Kevin Abosch, earned his million euros very easily. In 2010 he photographed a potato on a black background and sold the image to an acquainted collector. Abosch also photographs celebrities like Dustin Hoffman and the like, all with his signature dark background. This year, Abosch sold another photo of his: a digital image of a rose for one million euros in the form of crypto-currency.

Bonus: an auction of "suitcases with surprises".

Wendt, an auction house, has been selling forgotten or lost baggage of Lufthansa passengers for the last couple decades. Suitcases and bags that have yet to be claimed by their owners for 3 months or more are sold at the auction. The one condition is that the bidder has no idea what is inside the suitcase when buying it. It's truly a matter of luck - someone may get a not-so-fresh bra for $100, while others could can get a brand new camera. It's all a suprise!

Which of these items would you buy if you had an extra $1,000,000 laying around? Please tell us in the comments!

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