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A Family Makes Goofy Christmas Cards for 17 Years, and It Gets Better Every Time

Mike and Laura Bergeron are an ordinary family from Southern California. Except for the fact that for 17 years they’ve made awesome goofy Christmas cards, making fun of the seriousness and awkwardness of this tradition. And they’re still rocking it!

Here at Bright Side we admire Christmas traditions, but we also love when people bring something fun to them. So scroll down to see Bergeron’s lit family portraits.

As Mike shared in an interview, he and his wife have always found the tradition of Christmas cards silly and staged, and laughed about it. So the idea to do something funny naturally came from one of these conversations and they somehow thought it would be funny to dress up as other people for their Christmas card photoshoots.

The family wanted to capture the staged awkwardness of Christmas cards and give everyone they know the gift of having a funny card on their fridge, that would capture the spirit of the holiday season.

After a decade of doing these photoshoots, they became well-known as that Christmas photo family —not only in their city, but also all over the internet. Now the Bergerons have hundreds of Facebook followers, who wait for their new pics every year.

Sometimes the people who see their cards on the internet accuse the family of mocking other people, but the Bergerons say that that is never their intention, and that they have many friends of different backgrounds and appearances that ask to be represented in their next Christmas card.

The Bergerons admit that it took some time before their extended family accepted and liked their idea. Now their relatives choose their favorites and even suggest ideas for the coming years.

As for the girls, the couple says, little ones have embraced the tradition, since they know their family is world famous for these Christmas cards! The holidays are a lot of fun for children anyway, this tradition just goes along with the spirit of the season for them.

Does your family have any fun traditions? We’d be happy to see your stories and pictures in the comment section below!

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