A Guy From Austria Takes Perfectly Timed Photos to Show Us Life Imitating Art

Stefan Draschan's work is full of beautiful illustrations that capture museum visitors perfectly complementing the color scheme of famous paintings. Just when a museum-goer steps closer to the canvas to admire the brushstrokes, Draschan begins to take photos. At first glance, the photos look contrived, but this is far from the truth. The photographer spends a lot of time in museums in Paris, Vienna and Berlin looking for unexpected combinations of visitors and famous works of art.

Bright Side has collected a list of photos that were taken at just the right time, showing us that the life really does imitate art.

29. Water Lilies by Claude Monet

28. Starry Night Over The Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

27. Eagle

26. The Chatou Bridge, 1907 by Mauriche de Vlaminck

25. Keil nach links in Schwarz und Grau, 1969 by Hermann Glöckner

24. Assumption of the Virgin by Andrea del Castagno

23. Sitting Nude with Raised Arms by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

22. Grotta Azzurra, artist unknown

21. Girl at a Mirror, 1915 by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

20. Landscape, 1901 by Paul Gauguin

19. Mark Rothko, Black, Red over Black on Red, 1964 by Mark Rothko

18. Painting by Georg Baselitz

17. Bean King, 1655 by Jacob Jordaens

16. Tobias and the Angel with St Leonard and Donor by Andrea del Sarto

15. Painting by Alberto Burri

14. Painting by Erich Heckel

13. Black Sea, 1959 by Milton Avery

12. Tapestry and stranger with headscarf

11. Paintings by Caspar David Friedrich

10. Art and cap

9. Studio Corner, 1919 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

8. The Bardi Altarpiece by Sandro Botticelli

7. Studio Corner, 1919 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

6. Tapestry and a stranger

5. Painting by Henri-Edmond Cross

4. Wave by Emil Nolde

3. The Tiger, 1926 by Oskar Kokoschka

2. Self Portrait by Erika Stürmer-Alex

1. Red Cow, 1943 by Jean Dubuffet

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