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A Model Shares Behind-the-Scenes Shots to Prove Anyone Can Create Magazine-Worthy Photos Right at Home

Some artificial flowers, party foil or an inflatable pool — and you have your own photo studio at home, no better or worse than the top modeling agencies. The perks of today’s world are that in social networks it’s impossible to see the difference — everyone can look professional, if you think outside the box! Like this Instagram guru, Kimberly Douglas, who crafts unbelievable DIY photo sets and takes fabulous selfies.

Here at Bright Side we admire creative people and we think that this girl’s ingenious tricks deserve all of our attention.

23-year-old model, Kimberly Douglas, also known as Kihmberlie, has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She creates magnificent photos inspired by high-fashion campaigns. But the reason she became so popular is that she makes them at home. Kimberly creates all of her sets from scratch — with materials she has on hand!

She herself is her own team. Kimberly draws up a draft, buys all the props, prepares the set, does her own hair and makeup, and chooses her outfit. Then she sets a timer on her camera — and there you go! Another hit on her Instagram page!

Kimberly’s been doing this for 3 years already — creating an improvised set and transforming her house into a DIY photo studio. As the model explains, the preparation process takes a lot of time and effort, but the point is to show that everyone can create a photo studio at home and be a model. So, she captures the whole behind-the-scenes process and shares it with her followers.

Douglas shares that she finds inspiration in magazine shoots or advertising campaigns or she brings her own ideas to life. For example, the gorgeous floral shot was inspired by a Lancôme campaign with Zendaya and the Flowerbomb Enchanted Garden of the Viktor & Rolf fashion house. To create the image, Douglas ordered a few packages of flowers on Amazon and filled 2 foam boards with them by hand.

As she revealed in an interview, she works in the industry of photography and also works in delivery to make ends meet, but her dream is to make a full career out of modeling and set design. Kimberly also has a YouTube channel, where she shares interesting backstage process details, and a Twitter account with over 60,000 followers.

Kimberly encouraged a lot of people to try and make a fashion photoset with their own hands — people from all over the world are tagging her in their pictures, thanking her for inspiration.

The big balloon picture is our absolute favorite! Do you find this story inspiring or do you think it’s just a waste of time? We’d be happy to hear your opinion in the comment section below.