A Photographer Makes Ugly Places Into Beautiful Backgrounds

Meet Jenna Martin, a fine art and underwater photographer from Montana, USA. To challenge herself, Jenna recently came up with an unusual idea: instead of searching for beautiful places for a photo shoot, she decided to go somewhere "ugly" with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Lowe's, a local retail store, became the best option for Jenna and her model friend, Rachelle Kathleen. With a keen eye for details and her skills, Jenna could bring out the most beautiful aspects of "boring" locations.

With the author’s permission, Bright Side publishes some of the most stunning snaps captured by this photographer. You can check out more pictures of this project on the photographer's Facebook and Instagram.

Location 1: Paint samples section

The first stop was at the paint color samples section. Before shooting, Jenna set out some rules: she couldn’t use artificial lighting, move displays, or make big changes.

Location 2: Lighting section

The ladies then headed to the lighting section, which was a tricky spot for shooting. The light was pretty horrendous, with all the different colors, brightness levels, and shadows, yet it was worth a try!

Location 3: Aisles

The aisles were apparently the toughest part of the photo shoot. With horrible lighting and lots of plastic surfaces, they became a real challenge for Jenna Martin.

Location 4: Garden section

The final part of the shoot took place in the garden section in Lowe's, where a cluster of fake shrubs and appropriate lighting allowed the artist to create a magical winter atmosphere.

World Market, pillows section

World Market became the next store for Jenna Martin's experiments. A simple yet colorful background of pillows made the shot even more impressive.

In Jenna’s words, "Next time you see an awful spot, maybe give it a chance. You never know what you might end up with."

It seems like a lot of fun! Would you try this for your next photo shoot?

Preview photo credit jennamartinphotoblog.com
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