A Spanish Photographer Shows How Ordinary Things Can Transform a Photo, and We’re Rushing to Repeat Them

There are about 95 million photos and videos that get shared on Instagram every day. It may look like a difficult task to find a gem among them, but real talent will always break through. This is what Jordi Koalitic, a Spanish photographer, has proven to be true. This year he decided to show what it takes to make a shot that thousands of people will like, and we are amazed to discover that sometimes all you need is a pack of pasta or a photo frame.

We at Bright Side can’t wait to repeat his tricks and encourage you to look for more ways that will turn an ordinary photo into a cool shot.

17. It’s just a matter of perspective.

16. If you’re on a diet, at least you can take cool photos with donuts.

15. We’d put this photo into a frame.

14. That’s how books change our reality:

13. “It’s a kind of magic.”

12. “Thor workout”

11. The lord of marbles

10. A short master class on how to plant in pots.

9. Don’t try anything you see here at home.

8. Props can make anything look like it’s a blockbuster shot.

7. When you wanted to play tennis, but couldn’t stop your creative flow:

6. Fruit ninja, Part I

5. Fruit ninja, Part II

4. Aquaman is real!

3. Want some popcorn?

2. What do you see when looking at the sea?

1. It looks like it takes a lot of time to lace them up.

Do you like to see what is hidden behind the scenes? In your opinion, what other household items is it possible to use to create masterpieces like these? We’ll be waiting for your ideas in the comments.

Preview photo credit Jordi Koalitic
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