19 Animals Whose Cuteness Could Knock You Off Your Feet

We like to look at animals for one simple reason - they are remarkably similar to humans. In each of us, there is a little bit of that well-fed rodent stuck in the wall and that sad dog that someone wouldn't share their pizza with. Have a look at our compilation and you'll probably find your double among all the animals.

Bright Side found photos of the funniest, cutest, and most charming animals and we want to share them with you. And at the end of the article, you will find a story about a dog, that like a virus, has captured the entire internet.

A rodent got stuck in a hole in the kitchen wall because he was too fat.

Don't worry - he was rescued!

We wonder if he finally shared.

When your little friend doesn't want to walk because his paws are cold:

"Good lord, I don't want to scare you, but I think it's going to eat us now."

On German television, the weather forecast was interrupted by the studio's cat, because he wanted to be held.

When his eyes are saying,"I love you."

"Look, I got my lip pierced!"

My pregnant cat, yawning.

A little hedgehog cub:

"Are you eating? Go ahead. I'll just be standing here watching you."

"He was mean to the vet, so they suggested we get him used to being swaddled. Now he's a purrito."

We need more baby seals around here.

"I can hear everything."

Have you ever seen a cat sitting on his paws like this before? Meet Theo! The cutest little munchkin cat in the world...

"The cutest two-day-old lamb, ever."

Little porcupine decided to have a meal:

D is for disguise.

"Are you my mom?"

When you got everything you were dreaming of and now you can finally let yourself relax.

Bonus: the story

"A colleague told me that her daughter presented her a little dog, a small and black one - a very rare breed. So once when she was on a train with this dog, she left the compartment for the toilet for a short time, very short time! The train was half empty, and she was traveling alone in the compartment. Naturally, she closed the door. Where can a little dog from a closed compartment go? There is nowhere to go! But when she was back, the dog was not there. Having searched over all the compartment, she didn't find the dog - it vanished! And then she noticed a small hole in the wall between her compartment and the next one - what if the dog is there?

She started to knock the door of the next compartment - nobody was opening and no sounds were heard. She rushed to the train woman, explained the situation with the lost dog and the train woman agreed to help her and opened the door of the compartment with her key. So they saw the following scene- there was a fried chicken on the table and the very dog happily eating the chicken. The dog was a little bigger than the chicken itself. On the opposite side, there was the extremely shocked owner of this chicken.

- Can I take my dog? - the lady asked shyly.

At this moment the man left the stupor, turned and looking at the lady with the dog with eyes full of terror asked in a tragic whisper:
- Is it a dog!?
Just imagine his situation - you are sitting, drinking, eating chicken when suddenly this creature appears out of the wall..."

Evgeniya Perova

Which of these animals made you smile twice? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit papink/imgur, Deathbybunnies/reddit
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