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If These 20 Pictures Can’t Make Your Day, Nothing Can

Life sometimes gives us such crazy moments we just can’t help laughing. And why not?

Bright Side gathered some brilliant photos for you that will draw a smile on the face of even the most serious. Proceed with caution if you’re at work.

Such a languishing look.

"I thought a cake for my dog’s birthday was a waste of money. Her reaction’s worth every cent."

When you shop online and see something inexplicable.

Seconds before.

A portable tactical dog.

"My colleague forgot something at home today."

Darth Catader.

Can you remember being this happy?

When you try your best but it’s still not enough.

He who brings Mondays.

Just a photo from a doughnut store.

"My godson thinks he’s a prince."

Nothing special, just a man and his dog in a stroller in a supermarket.

"My nephew got bewitched at the airport."

"We need to have a serious talk about our dogs asking for snacks."

He’s a newbie. Don’t be too strict.

It was some walk!

A fashionista with his doggie in a bag.

Something’s not right with Genie...

"I think one of our dogs is smarter than the other."

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