Photos That Show How We Look after 1, 2 and 3 Glasses of Wine

From time to time, most of us end up at parties where alcohol runs free. Have you ever wondered what you look like after you've had a few glasses of wine? Brazilian photographer  Marcos Alberti  has carried out research that might pique your interest.

For this unique experiment, Marcos expertly combined some of his greatest passions: hanging out with friends, taking photos, drinking wine and having long conversations! He started inviting his friends to his studio, where he proceeded to take photos, first of them sober, then after they've had one, two and three glasses of wine. His efforts led to the creation of a photoshoot project, called "3 Glasses Later."  

We at Bright Side had rib-tickling fun studying these photos! With the author's kind permission, we reprint them in this article to let you make your own impression of this fascinating and provocative photo session!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Preview photo credit Marcos Alberti
Based on materials from masmorrastudio, Facebook:, Marcos Alberti, Instagram: , marcos_alberti
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