The 20 best photos of the month you just can’t take your eyes off of

Sometimes just one picture can tell a whole story, or drown you in emotion. These photos from our "Photo of the day" column do exactly that. Today the editors at Bright Side bring you only the shots that excited us most, made us smile, or took our breath away over the last 30 days.

Swans swimming through the streets of England after a flood.

A kiss of the sun. Tre Cime di Lavaredo peaks, Italy.

Partly cloudy. Copenhagen.


This quokka sure looks like a wise sage.

The autumn magnificence. Portland, USA.

My neighbor, Totoro.

Wind turbines in the fog. Denmark.

The beauty of the sky at twilight.

Mom will never leave you.

Capturing the perfect moment is everything.

A light in the dark. Dubai.

The white tiger.

A little happiness.

When autumn meets winter.

A magic opal.

The driest desert in the world blooming with thousands of flowers during the rainy season.

Ancient horrors.

A tornado in Genoa, Italy.

Swedish winter.

Let's hope there were no cats in the vicinity.

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