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The 20 greatest selfies of the year from all over the world

For those who think that taking photographs of yourself on your phone is a boring idea, we at Bright Side suggest taking a look at the following selection of images.

You can’t help but envy the inventiveness and fearlessness of some of these guys.

This is what the selfie stick was invented for: to take a photo of yourself with a sloth.

When you're not only a master of riding the waves but also know how to take the best shots.

Everyone has a friend like this.

These guys from Brazil finally found a place where they can drink beer in peace.

A father tries to learn from his daughter how to take good selfies by parodying her photos on Instagram.

A selfie from an Australian zoo.

Allan Dixon travels the world taking selfies with animals.

In order to take an amazing selfie, you don't have to travel to the ends of the Earth.

A selfie with a sperm whale.

This guy has spent his whole life working with large predators and, consequently, has no fear of them. The result: incredible selfies.

A trip in a canoe over the crystal-clear waters of a lake in Italy.

A standing-up-in-bed selfie. What other crazy trends is 2016 going to bring us?

This dolphin heard someone was taking selfies nearby and just had to be part of it.

This guy is sure having a fun holiday.

Whereas this guy records natural phenomena using his camera. The results are incredible!

Angela Nikolau photographs herself on the roofs and spires of skyscrapers.

A selfie taken at the risk of being kicked in the head.

These brothers from Canada saved an eagle that had been caught in a trap.

Tom White took a selfie with Paul McCartney and billionaire Warren Buffet in the background.

An impressive selfie taken from a flyboard during a festival in Amsterdam.

A T-shirt like that was begging for the appropriate response...

The first selfie in outer space.

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