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These 18 Photos Embody "A Crime Against Humanity"

Everyone has a couple of bees in their bonnet to drive them crazy even in the happiest of moments. For example, we may not care about the eternal mess in our apartment, but we can truly consider a divorce if our partner cuts a cake the wrong way.

Bright Side put together 18 photos that represent our wildest nightmares. And if you are a gadget lover, there is a bonus for you at the end.

18. Look in the center of the photo. Look in the center of the photo. Ah, it still doesn't help.

17. There should be a special cruel punishment for those who put a wet teaspoon in a sugar bowl.

16. Shouldn't this thing prevent fire?

15. Only a pocket knows how to do this.

14. Nah, I'm not going to celebrate Christmas with this tree.

13. The order of the colors in this rainbow is wrong. But I could live with it, apart from...

12. My brother returned my scissors. He said they were dull.

11. Only serial killers carry pizza this way.

10. Did they sneeze while laying them?

9. The boss said we were going to work until 4 p.m.

8. When you are very careful not to lose a drop of your drink...

7. I don't know who cut this cake, but he is dead to me from now on.

6. When peeling an egg is a total failure...

5. Could it be thinner?

4. They printed the best before date not on the package but right on the hamburger bun.

3. Mailman vs. Gardener

2. The unexpected cold weather will not scare us away.

1. Bonus: "Not sure if I got into a real taxi or a CIA covert operation."

Have you ever encountered such a situation in your everyday life? Share your impressions in the comments below!

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