This Photographer Captured 130 Images Showing the Stunning Beauty of Redheads

Brian Dowling usually works as an entertainment photographer, but after hearing from a friend who’d been bullied for having red hair he took a whole year off and began working on a project to celebrate the beauty of redheads. Over the course of the year, he captured an incredible 130 photographs of women from across 20 different countries for his book "Redhead Beauty".

Bright Side absolutely loves this celebration of beauty, and now we share some of our favorite photographs from the project!

Natasha from London, England.

Lisa from Vienna, Austria.

Alina from Odessa, Ukraine.

Elainne from California, USA.

Maria from Moscow, Russia.

Kirstie from Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.

Kim from Hamburg, Germany.

Alina from Kiev, Ukraine.

Alia from Berlin, Germany.

Madeline from Washington State, USA.

Jessica from London, England.

Carmen from Best, Netherlands.

Thayana from Apucarana, Brazil.

Grace from Malahide, Ireland.

Ellie from London, England.

Sophie from Stirling, England.

Masha from St. Petersberg, Russia.

Tara from Liverpool, England.

Judith from Breda, Netherlands.

Krissy from Stuttgart, Germany.

Ruby from Essex, England.

Sophee from California, USA.

Shannon from Sydney, Australia.

Daria from St. Petersberg, Russia.

Aoife from Longford, Ireland.

Alisha from Odessa, Ukraine.

Ismee from Texel, Netherlands.

Vanessa from South Africa and Bridget from San Fransico, USA.

Laura from Virginia, USA.

Eilis from Tirrick, Northern Ireland.

Preview photo credit Brian Dowling
Based on materials from Brian Dowling
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