This Photographer Traveled to 84 Countries to Share the Faces of People Around the World

Alexander Khimushin, a Russian traveler and photographer, came up with the fascinating photo project "World In Faces" which celebrates the beauty and diversity of different ethnic groups living in remote corners of the world.

An Ixil Maya girl

A Karo tribe woman

A Bodi tribe man

A Samoan boy

A Ladakhi woman

A Bodi tribe man

An Oroqen girl

A young monk

A K’iche’ Maya man

A Wakhi girl

A Rajasthani man

A Tuvan man

A Kaqchikel Maya girl

A Sahrawi man

A Wakhi girl

A Japanese girl

A Russian woman (old believer)

A Mauritanian girl

A Tofalar boy

A Tsemey tribe girl

A Djibouti girl

A Cuban man

The photographer Alexander Khimushin in Ethiopia

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