10 illustrations showing the pure happiness of being a mom of a daughter

A child of any gender is, of course, a gift. But having a daughter gives a mother an opportunity to live her childhood once again, sharing all her secrets and unique experiences. And maybe it’s a chance to take another look at yourself.

Growing up, daughters find their own paths and role models. But in the beginning of life, mothers alone are those important people we look up to. But quite often they remain our heroes for life.

We at Bright Side dedicate this article to mothers and daughters and to all the amazing things they do together.

Getting excited about watching ‘girly’ movies

Cooking the most delicious food ever and creating a cozy atmosphere together

Fooling around and laughing like they are both two little girls

Traveling and exploring this big world

Dressing up because sometimes it’s so essential

Enjoying moments that are so hard to describe with words
but so easy to feel with the heart

Getting lost in the music that comes from the heart

Helping each other to look incredibly beautiful

Forgetting about the time and dipping into the world of creativity

Chatting about everything, listening to each other, and understanding each other

Illustrated by Zhanna Bulankova for Bright Side
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