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10 Moments That Show Life Before and After Having Children

The arrival of children is a milestone in the life of any person. It’s at that moment when you realize how fantastic the world of a child is with all their discoveries and the unconditional love that everyone talks about. However, despite all the joys that little ones make us feel when they show up, they completely change our routine.

That’s why Bright Side decided to do some research and select and illustrate a series of everyday situations that make you say to yourself: “Hey, that means you have a child!” Have a look for yourself!

10. You need to “hide” in the bathroom to get some privacy.

9. The desire to have another child isn’t as intense as it was before.

8. You might wonder if you should wash your hair late at night or early in the morning before the kids wake up.

7. Sometimes saying you’ll only buy diapers isn’t the best idea.

(Always grab a cart because let’s face it, you’ll never only buy diapers.)

6. Most of the time, you need to clean up the mess the children made.

(But, since we’re not robots, vacations eventually arrive and give us hope.)

5. And, if you used to take amazing selfies at the pool, let’s say... they’re a little different now.

4. Celebrities post beautiful pictures while co-sleeping with their kids.

(But not all children are that peaceful when they co-sleep.)

3. Many people believe that now that you’re a mom, you’ve lost your individuality.

2. It can also be the case that your little one has more energy than you.

1. And there are some who invent gadgets to keep their baby safe.

Warning: This is very dangerous, and we don’t recommend or promote this idea.

Everyone finds their own ways to adapt to their new routine. It’s called living, and it’s all part of that process. It isn’t easy to balance free time, work, and love with the amount of attention a baby needs. But don’t worry, you’ll learn little by little and eventually achieve the perfect balance.

Warning: You should always pay attention and never let your child out of your sight in order to avoid accidents.

What part of the life of a parent do you find most difficult? Share your opinion with us in the comment section!

Marat Nugumanov, Oleg Chegodaev, Darya Barabanova for Bright Side