11 Epic Morning Situations Every Parent Can Understand

Mornings don’t always start with coffee. They can start with the news that you’ve run out of the only cereal your kids will agree to eat in the morning or with a call from your kid’s school teacher complaining that your child showed up to class with their pants on backward. There are other options too — you could be informed at the last minute that your kid was supposed to bring a homemade project to school or that there’s a costume party today in kindergarten class. Forget about the coffee!

The happy parents working at Bright Side decided to share their morning moments with you and you can easily see yourself in these too.

11. When the only food your kids agree to have for breakfast is gone:

10. Once you get carried away solving one issue, a second one instantly appears, and a third one... and even a tenth one.

9. It will cost you the appearance of a couple more grey hairs to make your kid get dressed, if their favorite clothes are in the laundry.

8. It’s extremely difficult to choose what to watch on the only screen in the house in the morning.

7. Whose mom learned about the costume party one hour ago?

6. It’s even cooler to hear this piece of news right as you’re walking through the front door of the school.

5. When kids are getting ready to go to kindergarten, it feels like they don’t trust their parents and are scared to leave any of their valuables at home.

4. We are all well aware of Murphy’s law. However, there is another type of inconvenient law and parents know it best.

3. Unfortunately dads are well-known for bringing their kid to class wearing no skirt or pants.

2. Sometimes when taking your kids to school, you feel the need to explain to people passing by that you are actually their parent and not their kidnapper.

1. Mothers are always late. The world doesn’t know why it happens, but scientists think they’re close to finding out.

How does your morning usually start? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for Bright Side
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