11 Parenting Hacks for Daily Hassle-Free Moments, Peace of Mind, and a Bit of Fun

Kids bring lots of happiness, love, laughter, and just a bit of a headache. There are some parents out there who prove that challenges can be turned into innovation, adventure, and excitement.

Bright Side gathered the best hacks from genius parents to make your life easier and funnier. Which one of these have you already tried?

11. Empty box

So your kid has an enormous love for drawing? Get a couple of empty boxes, and leave your kid there. You won’t believe how much fun a box drawing activity can turn out to be.

10. Indoor slide

A bit of creativity can get you a lot of free time. Get an old box, and make an indoor cardboard slide for your kids. This will take their minds and attention off nagging for a while. Once done, they can proceed to color their slide. Just remember to pad the landing zone with some cushions and pillows.

9. Car fighting

Use cardboard to separate your kids in the back seat and stop them from fighting. They will feel like they have a personal capsule inside the car.

8. Playing games

Get a couple of controllers for your kids...but don't hook them up. They will go on for hours believing that they are the ones playing, while you can enjoy the game and have some peaceful gamer time.

7. Easy access to the sink

Turn the bottom drawer into a step drawer to make it easier for your kid to reach the sink.

6. Music concerts

Having a kid doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal desires and stop attending concerts. Use headphones, and play music your kid likes. Or download a cartoon, and let them watch it while you enjoy your concert. A dreadlock safety belt is optional but totally awesome.

5. Fitted sheet in the sand

Planning a day at the beach? Don’t forget to take your fitted sheet. It will keep the sand, insects, and everything else away from you and your baby.

4. Anti-slip socks

Get some paints, and let your creativity free on your kids' socks. The problem of slipping on the floor will be solved! Just make it thick to make sure that the gripping action is strong enough.

3. Fence painting

If your toddler has an enormous amount of energy, just let him paint the fence with water and a brush. Your kid will love it, and you’ll enjoy your free time.

2. A photo shoot prop

The problem of keeping a baby comfortable and still while you are taking fabulous photos can be solved in one easy step: use Mom or Dad as a live prop.

1. A swing rope

Next time you shop, get a long rope that you can tie to a swing. Now you can enjoy your drink or a book while your kid is peacefully enjoying the swing.

Do you have personal hacks that are magic? Share with us in the comments.

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