11 Touching Overheard Stories About Real Family Values

Chasing success on a daily basis, it is easy to forget about the most meaningful things. Our families are the people who surround us and are always ready to provide their understanding and support. Every family has its uniting traditions.

Bright Side collected several overheard stories full of special family atmosphere.

  • In our family, we have a code doorbell ring. If you return home and really need to go to the bathroom, you should ring the bell really hard without stopping. It is a signal for us, and everyone rushes to open the door. Otherwise, you could wait behind the door forever.
  • My family and I go to a shopping mall once a month. The rules are as follows: every man for himself, and we shop until we are out of money. So we got started. Everyone scattered in different directions. I bought this, bought that. I had half an hour to finish.
    Passing by a restaurant, I saw my whole family sitting there and eating. They bought nothing, and I had 5 shopping bags in my hands. That was the day we stopped our shopping tradition.
  • My mom once said that she would only go to my sister's teacher-parent school meetings. Dad had to go to mine so she wouldn't be embarrassed because of me. So my dad went to such a meeting. When he returned, he said that not a single word was said about me. Asking him more questions, we found out that he went to the wrong classroom.
  • There are 5 men in my family: my husband and our 4 sons aged 20, 17, 15, and 8. It is really cool to have a big friendly family, and they help me a lot. But those pancakes they always ask me to cook just drive me crazy. At least twice a week I have to do this duty. In these moments I'm ready to kill anyone who comes to me and asks, "Are the pancakes ready yet?" And the rest of the time we are a big friendly family.
  • My husband has his own secret dandelion jam recipe. Every year he picks up dandelions and does his magic in a closed kitchen. The problem is that the jam is too thin – just like water or syrup. After some time it becomes thick like a real jam. My husband is proud of himself and is sure this is all thanks to his special recipe. And only I know why it becomes thick: when he leaves, I open the jars up and boil it again, adding some jello into the jam.
  • My husband and I decided to have a bet about our bad habits (he smokes, and I can't live without candy). The one who could last the longest without resorting to their bad habit would get $100. It's been 2 years since my husband stopped smoking, and I never stopped eating candy. He won the money but spent it all on me.
  • My husband and I went mushroom picking. Suddenly, 2 gigantic bulldogs attacked us from the bushes. My husband didn't think twice, pushing me behind him and preparing to attack the dogs with a tiny mushroom knife. Everything turned out ok: the dog owner appeared and called the dogs back. At that very moment I realized that my husband was ready to sacrifice his life for me and that he was not a coward. All his words of love were not just words.
  • Mine and my husband's parents are not rich, but every holiday they give us some money. When we got married we decided to save this money for a rainy day. However, it never came. We've been married for 10 years, so we decided to spend the saved money. We bought my parents a new car and renovated his parents' summerhouse!
  • When my parents are going to meet my boyfriend's parents I will have to hire an interpreter because my boyfriend's parents speak German. My boyfriend will translate it into English for me, I will translate it into Russian for my mom, and she will translate it into Norwegian for my stepfather. I feel that when it comes to the last person it will be totally distorted.
  • My sister is 6 years old. My mom and I have really big breasts, and my sister thinks that something is wrong with her. She decided to change the situation, wore my bra, and put my father's construction silicone into the empty space. We all went to the hospital: mom was crying, I was shocked, dad was laughing. And only my little sister was happy.
  • I have been on a long-term business trip for 2 months. I talk to my wife and my little son via Skype. During our last chat, I noticed that he avoided talking to me. The last time he didn't even come to see me. Here is the dialogue between my wife and my son:
    - Come talk to Daddy.
    - No way!
    - Don't you love him at all?
    - No, I don't!
    - But why?
    - He left me and you, he doesn't cook, and I love it so much when he cooks.
    This was the moment when I decided to pack my stuff and return home. :)
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