12 Children Who Made Their Parents Blush

Who said parenting wasn't fun? Bright Side has found 12 stories of children who proved otherwise to their parents.

  • I was on the bus and saw a mom with a three-year-old. Opposite them was an old lady. The lady handed an apple to the girl. The mom said, "What should you say?" and the daughter, without thinking, asked the lady, "CLEAN?"
  • In front of me on the bus is a woman with a son (3 or 4). He asks, "Why is everyone so sad?" She replies that nobody wants to go to school or work. To this he screams, "Stop the bus! We aren't going anywhere!"
  • I was around 4. My mom and I got on a bus, and there were tons of people. Mom said, "Hold on to something." I stuck an arm through the crowd and grabbed something, seemingly a handle. But then the crowd started to disperse, and it turned out I was holding on to the nose (!) of some man...and he didn't even say anything! He and my mom laughed a lot.
  • My coworker brought his son to work. He's about 6 and very serious. He started walking around, examining everything. Then he comes up to me and looks at me intently. It got awkward. I said, "Hello. How are you?" and he replied, "Hello. Good. Will you be my woman?" My jaw dropped...
  • My 4-year-old daughter was looking out the window of the bus. She turned to me and asked, "Ma, why do men harass me?" The whole bus stared... It turned out she meant John and Steve from her kindergarten class who pulled her by the arms and said they loved her.
  • I was on a bus, and it stopped abruptly. A baby fell out of a woman's arms right into some man's lap. The baby didn't cry but said, "Hi, Dad." The man wasn't at a loss and replied, "Hey, son!"
  • Next to me on the bus was a boy of around 5 with his mom. And he says, "Daddy is a dad elephant, I am a baby elephant, and mommy is a... butterfly." It's funny to think about what his mom was preparing to be called.
  • The bus driver was a big bearded man. A mother and a son got on and sat next to me. Suddenly the boy exclaimed, "Why is Santa Claus a bus driver, Mom? Are things really so bad?"
  • I am in line at a clinic. Next to me is a woman with a lovely 4-year-old. They start playing charades. The girl is acting out animals, and the mom is guessing. Easy. A bunny, a bear, a cat, a goat. And then she starts showing something that doesn't resemble any living creature. The mom gives up. I'm sitting quietly and waiting for the answer. And this pretty girl yells out loud, "Come on, Mom! This is Dad fixing something!"
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