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12 hilarious children’s​ sayings that leave grown-ups stuck for words

12 hilarious children’s​ sayings that leave grown-ups stuck for words

Paying closer attention to what your kids have to say can be truly rewarding. A child's view of the world differs strikingly from that of a grown-up. From time to time, our little ones come up with things that we ourselves would never have thought of. And they deliver them with such seriousness that we simply can't help but stare back in amazement.

Needless to say, parents are eager to publish their little darlings' sayings online. Today, Bright Side presents you with a handpicked collection!

  • My seven-year-old daughter was watching an Animal Planet program. Suddenly, she turned to me and asked, 'Mom, those volunteers they keep mentioning - what kind of animals are they?!'
  • Timmy, my two-year-old son, had been sitting on the potty for quite a long time. So I asked him:
    — Hey, Tim, are you ok?
    — Yeah! It feels so good!
    — You've finally done a number two, then?
    — No.
    — So why did you say, 'It feels so good'?!
    — It feels so good to be alive in this world!
  • Having watched an opera performance on TV, my little one commented, 'When we yell like that in kindergarten, they tell us off...'
  • Following a meal at my parents' house, my little son Danny was offered tea by his grandma. I asked him:
    — What are the magic words you should say?
    — Where are the cookies?!
  • 'Mommy, help me tie myself to the apron! I'm going to clean the dishes!'
  • — Mom, me and Billy had a fight in kindergarten today! I punched him on the nose, and he hit me on the ear!
    — What were you fighting over?
    — First place in the good behavior contest!
  • As the winter holidays got nearer, my little boy said to me, 'Mom, don't buy any candies until the end of the month! Let's save our teeth for Christmas!'
  • I had to put my three-year-old daughter in the corner for bad behavior. She stood there in silence for a few minutes, then sighed and uttered, 'Can you let me out already?! I feel like my life is passing by!'
  • My three-year-old son Andy was not feeling well. The doctor asked, 'Well, young man, what seems to be the problem?'
    Andy replied in a very businesslike voice, 'That's what me and my mother would like to know.'
  • A mother of one is like an inexperienced rookie soldier. A mother of two can be compared to a professional warrior. A mother of three is SPECIAL FORCES!
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