12 Hilarious Stories That Can Turn Back Time

We all have childhood stories which are embarrassing and funny at the same time.

Bright Side put together the funniest of these stories from different people. And there is nothing to be ashamed of! We all used to be kids!

  • When I was a child, I loved the Ninja Turtles cartoon series and truly believed they lived in the sewer. I felt really sorry for them because they ate pizza all the time. So I decided to feed them with pancakes. My mom caught me right when I was walking with a swagger to the drain with my plate.
  • When I was a child, I loved to play one specific game: I took 2 bags, put pillows inside, sat down on the sofa, and then...just sat there for a long time, approximately 1 hour. When my mom asked me what I was doing, I always replied, "Mom, please don't bother me. I'm riding a train!"
  • Once in my childhood, I was playing in the yard and somehow managed to dig out a MOLE. So I ran to my mother and said, "Mom, look at this ugly dog I found!" Since then my mom is afraid of moles and of me...a little bit.
  • Until the age of 5, I tried to dress up every time I was going out for a walk. Why? Because I was in love with Frosty the Snowman. Actually, any snowman that could be found on the street. And my mom always tried to convince me to wear pants and not a ball gown. "He will love you the way you are," she said. At the time, I couldn't understand how anyone could love me if I didn't look beautiful. I even had a photo where I kissed a Frosty's cheek with my leg bent in the air. And, Mom, thanks for the great advice!
  • When we were kids, we loved to play spies. Once we found a hobo and followed him for the whole summer. After 2 months, he gave us 5 bucks to get rid of us.
  • When I was a child, I decided to write my will. All my toys were to go to my cat; my room went to Alex, the local hobo, who always said "Hello" to me on the street; my book about polite manners was assigned to my brother because we'd had a fight. I took this letter to my auntie who was a lawyer and asked her to authorize the document. She found it very funny and sent copies of my will to my whole family. The original she kept for herself. She framed it and hung it on the wall, side by side with her diplomas.
  • 10 years ago, my brother and I were walking back from school. Suddenly we saw a house with mirror windows, but to see the reflection we had to jump up. So we started jumping and got carried away. We made faces, howled like hyenas, showed our tongues. The performance was stopped by a man who came out of the house and said, "Excuse me, we're actually holding a meeting here."
  • When I was a little girl, we lived on the second floor. I was in love with the boy who lived on the third. Their balcony was right above ours. Every time I went to bed, I'd put my left hand on the blanket in a beautiful way so that if my lover decided to come down to me like Tarzan on a vine, he could easily put a ring on my finger.
  • When I was 6, my grandma and I went to buy some groceries. When we came up to the counter, the saleslady said to my grandma, "What a beautiful granddaughter you have!" I didn't hesitate. I took off my shorts immediately and said, "I am a grandson!"
  • When I was a little girl, my father shaved his head bald. I couldn't recognize him and got very scared. When my parents fell asleep, I called my grandma and said that my mom was sleeping with a strange man. Grandma came to our house in 10 minutes. And I got in trouble.
  • When I was a child, I couldn't understand why when other people smiled their lower teeth could be seen, and when I smiled, they couldn't. I was really upset about it. So I tried to push my lower jaw forward and bare all of my teeth when I smiled. Now our whole family album is full of photos where my family has happy faces and I have this horrible grin as if I am a serial killer or a wild beast with constipation.
  • I have one of the warmest memories of my childhood. It was a wintry, frosty evening. My mom ran into the house with firewood and quickly closed the door so as not to let the cold inside. We lit the fire and dressed in woolen socks and warm pajamas. We were laughing and talking. We drank hot tea before going to bed. We wished each other good night. I was sleeping in the same room with her, and she covered me with a really thick blanket, tucking it all around. Then she brought our cat, Lizzy, and put her beside me. We spoke with secret voices for a long time. I am an adult now, but I wish we had one more day like this.
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