12 Principles of Royal Upbringing That Parents Should Take Note Of

According to fairy tales or history lessons, royal children sleep on silk cushions, eat from golden plates, and spend all day entertaining themselves.

We at Bright Side decided to check how the most famous prince and princess – George and Charlotte, the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – are brought up.

Spoiler: they even have to clean their rooms themselves.

12. A title is no reason to have an idle lifestyle.

In the family of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there is only one babysitter that helps them with the children. All duties related to feeding, taking baths, and walking with the children are accomplished by the parents. Moreover, William goes to work as a helicopter pilot in the emergency medical services, and the children are aware of this.

11. Respect other people's work.

Queen Elizabeth's great-grandchildren understand from a very early age that any person's work should be valued, no matter if it is a mother preparing dinner or a maid cleaning the house. This is why George and Charlotte know that they can't neglect their meals and that they have to pick up their scattered clothes themselves.

10. Family is life's number one priority.

Even now, 4-year-old George takes care of his little sister, and the Duchess says they are becoming best friends. Even at their young age, the children know the history of their family and often visit the grave of their grandmother, Princess Diana. Kate and William also try to spend as much time as possible with their children. George, for example, likes to chat about everything with his daddy, and Charlotte likes to cook together with her mom.

When having dinner, the children sit together with the adults, despite pre-existing traditions.

9. Everyone has the right to express their thoughts and feelings freely.

Despite the tradition of bringing up "restrained" people in the royal family, Kate and William actively develop emotional intellect in their children.

"Seeing children communicating with each other at school, I understand that we live in an absolutely different time. We are being replaced by generations that are not afraid to declare things that really worry them," says Prince William.

8. Education comes first.

Reading books is a favorite activity of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate very often takes the children to exhibitions and museums. Their favorite museum is the Museum of Natural History in London. "The children like to come here very much. And believe me, that's not only because of the dinosaurs," says the Duchess.

7. It's necessary to love sports.

The Duke and Duchess are known for loving sports. Kate is fond of grass hockey, and William likes to play football, basketball, and polo. Prince George and Princess Charlotte don't show any exceptional interest in sports right now, but their parents are sure that their children will follow in their steps in future.

6. One should follow etiquette and show good manners in public regardless of age.

The children are aware of their dismissal from public events and places in case of bad behavior and whims. There are strict rules of behavior, even for royal children. If the prince or princess gets too naughty, they're left at home during an official occasion.

5. You can relax at home.

"They have not broken their bones yet, but they are always trying to do it. George always runs around at home, pushing things and jumping. Please tell me that after some time things will get easier," says Prince William.

4. Physical punishments are completely excluded.

No matter how badly the children behave, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never use physical punishments. The parents use their own methods of influencing the children. If George throws a tantrum, his mother instantly finds a way to distract the attention of the enraged child by, for example, loud singing. And sometimes she herself falls on the floor and starts shouting. It usually works, and the children calm down.

3. Tablets and computers are toys for adults.

George and Charlotte spend much time outside riding bicycles and jumping in puddles. They are highly restricted when using electronic devices. Kate and William think that these toys are more suitable for older ages, while balls, jump ropes, and outdoor games are the best helpers in developing fantasy and imagination.

2. "Yes" to cartoons.

Watching TV is allowed in the family. However, there is specific allotted time for it. The royal children already have their favorite cartoons; Charlotte often asks to watch Peppa Pig, and George adores Fireman Sam.

1. Reasonable consumption as a lifestyle.

Kate and William are for reasonable consumption.

It is primarily expressed in the refusal to buy new fashion items. Very often, one can see Prince George or Princess Charlotte wearing clothes of their parents or even clothes from Uncle Harry's childhood.

If it is required to buy something new, the Duchess chooses clothes of democratic brands, ignoring luxury models.

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