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12 Ways to Wake Up Kids Who Don’t Want to Get Up

It’s been scientifically proven that children who get enough sleep are generally healthier, perform better at school, and have good memories and behavior. However, sleeping is followed by waking up, which can be no easy task for parents.

Our Bright Side team decided to collect some good advice on how to make the waking up process smoother for both you and your kid.

1. Let the sunshine in before waking up your child.

Natural light functions as a stimulator for our brains to release serotonin which, in turn, helps us feel awake. That’s why it’s a really good idea to let some sunshine into your child’s room about 15 minutes before you want them to get out of bed.

2. Limit blue light exposure before bed.

All digital devices such as tablets, TVs, and smartphones emit blue light which alerts our bodies’ natural rhythm. There’s been research that clearly shows that being exposed to blue light for a long period of time before bed can cause people to have a hard time falling asleep and waking up.

3. Play music to awaken your child.

Music may be a more relaxing way to wake up rather than to a blaring alarm. You can put a radio in your kid’s room to play their favorite station or even make a playlist of the songs they like the most. This will definitely make their mood better and help them to escape that usual early-morning grumpiness.

4. Put on their favorite audiobook.

This can be a really good way to wake up your kid because an audiobook will obviously raise their interest and make them get out of bed. Moreover, they can continue listening to it while getting dressed and having breakfast.

5. Draw a morning routine chart to make the whole process more fun.

A morning routine chart is a great way to keep kids focused on the tasks they need to do in the mornings. It will help your child to adjust to waking up, making morning chores a real superhero mission. Together, you can draw a chart that includes tasks like washing up, getting dressed, having breakfast, and picking up their backpack and lunch box.

6. Turn waking up into a game.

You can make the whole process of waking up much more fun by turning it into a game. Moreover, it will greatly reduce stress and the need to argue with your kid. Use your imagination to create different games and your kid will never complain about waking up again.

7. Wake your child up with the smell of their favorite breakfast.

Just imagine how good your child’s mood will be during the day if their morning starts with their favorite food! And the smell of it throughout the house will make them get out of bed as soon as they can.

8. Give them some time to wake up by offering a glass of juice first.

Waking up in the mornings is no easy job, even for adults, and children can feel really out of it right after sleeping so deeply. Giving them their favorite drink right off the bat can give them some time to “switch on.”

9. Use the family pet as an alarm.

If your kid has a beloved dog or cat, you can use it to wake them up. Just put it on their bed and it will leave them no chance of sleeping any further by licking their face, jumping, and more.

10. Let your kid experience the natural consequences of being late.

As soon as the morning routine is set for your child, make them feel responsible for following it. For example, you can make up a certain punishment for not waking up on time, such as leaving them without screen time for a day. For older kids, you can let them be late for school so they will feel uncomfortable in front of their teacher.

11. Don’t fuel the drama.

Getting your child out of bed can be really difficult. However, you won’t succeed if you choose to wake your kid up by yelling at them. It will only lead to ignorance and they’ll lose any motivation or desire to get up.

12. Make sure they’re getting enough sleep.

Depending on their age, a child requires a certain amount of sleep. A toddler needs about 11-14 hours a night while a preschooler requires 10-13 hours — and children aged 6-13 should get an average of 9-10 hours per night. A child that doesn’t sleep enough will definitely have trouble waking up.

Do you have your own hacks to wake up your kids? Share them with the Bright Side community in the comments below!

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