13 Times You Can’t Live Without Your Mom, Even As a Grown-Ass Adult

13 Times You Can’t Live Without Your Mom, Even As a Grown-Ass Adult

No matter how old we get, we will always need our moms. We have no problem admitting we love our moms, but as we get older we realize that mom is still the most dependable person to offer support, warmth, and food! Here are Bright Side’s 13 points on why you cannot live without your mom, even as an adult!

1. To take up your pants

After searching for the perfect pair of pants and finally finding them buried at the back of a rack in Macy’s, you realize that not only are they a couple of inches too long but they are also the only pair they have in stock. Happens often, right? Well, moms have this way of taking your pants up with no issue at all. Just a swish and flick and, as if by magic, they are the perfect length. We cannot imagine having to endure this task on our own!

2. To help you follow the recipe

Moms have a way with recipes that is unparalleled. Not only do they follow them precisely, but they also remember them off the top of their heads. Trying to impress your friends with a fancy coq au vin meal and roasted veggies? Call your mom for the ultimate tips.

3. To give you the truth — and nothing but the truth

Moms can sometimes be brutal in their delivery of the truth, but we know this is because they feel a love for us that can’t be experienced by any other person. They only want the best for you, so take on board their words and make good decisions.

4. To help you through getting dumped

Friends are amazing at reassuring you that you’re a great person and that there are plenty more fish in the sea, but they are not so great at just listening. Moms know that what you need at this crucial time (apart from a tub of Ben & Jerry’s) is someone to offload onto and to purely listen to your woes. Whether it’s a phone call or a nightcap, your mom will be there to hug you and offer you an ear.

5. To fight off any illnesses

With your hair all matted, your nose running faster than Usain Bolt, and your makeup all over the place, your mom is the one that, no matter what, will take care of you. Providing you with more remedies than your average drugstore, mom will sit with you, cuddle you, and make sure you’re on your road to recovery.

6. To have a really good meal

You may be a really great cook — and that’s because she taught you well — but there is something incomparable about dining at your mom’s that just cannot be replicated. She nailed your favorite dish when you were small and, having grown up with it, to visit and have it again is a blessing. Enjoy!

7. To help you make a decision

Whether it’s a big decision like should you move away for a job or just what to have for dinner tonight, moms are very logical when it comes to decision making. One conversation with her and you should have this locked down quickly.

8. To get you back on track again

Sometimes busy schedules and friendship mishaps can make you feel a little lost in yourself and your identity, but moms are brilliant at telling the story of your birth and your use within the world to make you feel like your feet are safely back on the ground.

9. To help with any adult situation

Need to do your taxes or apply for car insurance? Then she’s your gal! She’s been there and done that and knows the ins and outs of adult life, so feel free to ask her these important questions.

10. To reminisce over old times

As humans, we love to laugh over nostalgia and cry happy tears over the good times. Your mom remembers everything from when you were small: if there’s a picture of you with spaghetti on your head or you riding your tricycle out in the yard, she has a memory of it and sharing stories is one of the best ways of connecting.

11. To hear the word "congratulations"

Moms are always proud of their children, no matter what they’ve accomplished. So if you just got that promotion at work and need someone to celebrate with, then mom’s the one!

12. To assist with your own child

Being a parent is a tough business, and there is no manual that tells you what to do. But your mom has first-hand experience of parenting and can be there for you when the baby makes strange noises or when they puke on the rug.

13. To enjoy family holidays with

Simple family holiday traditions can vary from watching White Christmas to just sipping mulled wine by the fire. Whatever your family holiday traditions, they wouldn’t be the same without your mom there to enjoy them too, so embrace these traditions while they’re still in place.

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