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14 Parents’ Pics Where They Look Like Completely Different People

Most of us can’t associate the image of our parents with crazy hangouts and eccentric actions. But our parents were young too! That’s why we can’t help admiring them and their lives while looking through their old photo albums.

Bright Side created a compilation of photos that shows parents in most unexpected images.

My father. Nothing can be cooler.

My 16-year-old mom enjoys her life and her Camaro.

My father was a gamer in his youth. 1996.

My granny (a vet) and my dad had been raising a lion for several years. 1959.

My dad creating a bust of my mom. 1980.

My dad is sure he was the coolest guy in the 1980s.

My mom’s selfie before it was mainstream. 1989.

My father is barbecuing on a submarine roof.

My father’s riding a unicycle with 48 bottles of beer.

My cool mom was an avid traveler. Cairo and Moscow. 1975.

My father’s band in 1982. He is in the middle.

My dad and my uncle during their wedding ceremony.

Some high-class tricks from my father.

My dad is 19 years old in this photo. 1973.

Preview photo credit MorganGanem / reddit
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