15 Hilarious Dads Who Took Protectiveness to a New Level

Kids grow up so fast, and who can blame their parents for trying to protect them from the difficulties of the outside world? Well, these 15 fathers went the extra mile to be sure that their precious little princesses were safe and sound.

We at Bright Side are happy to show you those #parentinggoals.

He's on the hunt. No smile.

"I don't know what it is you're smiling about, but I'm gonna find out."

"No-babies-in-my-house" blanket

Props to the dad! That is some crafty birth control.

We'll be surprised if they go near her.

Pure joy...at least on one face.

She makes the rules; he enforces them.

The rules are simple – and visible.

It's prom season, folks.

Dad and brothers – what could be scarier?

That would be a proper Christmas card.

The smile doesn't seem so genuine on the second one...


It's easier to show than to nag.

There is a market for these signs.

You can purchase this fair warning if you are a dad...and if you're a daughter. Saves time explaining.

What is it with fathers and guns?

Then again, their dates usually look like deer in the headlights.

One Direction fans are really particular.

He definitely has his heart set on a son-in-law.

Those little love notes!

When you know your daughter's driving style a little too well.

Not an invitation!

I want to see the daredevil she catches with this one.

Daddy wants to DTR.

Define the relationships, that is.

The definition of "He's always there for you."

"There for you" – in every picture, at every corner, and teaching your little brother to do the same.

A note from a loving daughter

Well, when you have an overprotective father, you'd better learn how to roll with the punches and use it to have some fun.

But no matter what, we are always gonna love our daddies because they always mean well. Do you have any "dad stories" to share? Take them to the comments!

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, zmekus/reddit
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