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15+ Hilarious Photos Proving That Having a Sibling Is Awesome

Isn’t it awesome to have a sibling? It is always a crazy mixture of fights and love, sometimes emphasized in a really weird way.

Bright Side put together a few amazing photos which prove that revealing your feelings can create a lot of fun.

18. “My mom left me a sandwich with a note. My brother found it before I did...”

17. Co-operation

16. “At this exact moment, I understood that I wasn’t the only child anymore.”

15. “You don’t mess with my big brothers!”

14. When you grow up in a big family...

13. It happens every time she holds her little brother.

12. “This is my camera and my photo!”

11. When you won and your brother lost.

10. He’s waiting for his brother to leave his room.

9. “My sister asked for a blanket for Christmas. My brother and I did our best!”

8. I will spare everything for my sister.

7. “Now it’s your new home!”

6. When your sister is a mathematician:

5. The brothers have put the star on the tree this way since they were kids. Now they are in their 30s...and nothing has changed.

4. “Have 2 children!” they said. “They are gonna be best friends...”

3. Even in the animal world, there are fights among brothers.

2. The main obstacle to making your wish come true.

1. But, no matter what, you will always be happy to meet each other.

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