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15 hilarious situations that everyone with siblings has found themselves in

Those of us who have brothers and sisters are truly lucky. They're closer than any friend, and they make childhood much more fun than it would be on your own.

But the antics siblings get up to can produce many comical situations. Here are just a few that we at Bright Side are sure everyone with a brother or sister will recognize.

1. If you have a fight, then it's a matter of life or death.

2. Absolutely no one is allowed to upset your sister (apart from you, of course).

3. It's cool being the oldest. It's great being the youngest. But for some reason no one ever likes being the middle child.

4. However hard you try, you just can't trust your younger brother when he first arrives. Seriously, who is this guy?

5. When your little brother starts crying after a fight, and you do whatever it takes to calm him down so that mom doesn't hear...

6. The battle to take the front seat in the car continues even after you grow up.

7. They always eat what you had hidden away for yourself.

8. When you're sick of your brother always coming into your bedroom, and you decide to take radical measures...

9. If you're watching a movie together, your older sibling will without fail point out the worst character and say, 'That's you!'...for the whole movie.

10. There's no greater feeling in the world than seeing your parents tell off your younger brother for something that you actually did.

11. When there's mischief to be made, no one works better as a team.

12. Your parents constantly tell you that you should love each other, be friends, and never argue.

13. The more there are of you, the happier you are.

14. When other people remark, 'It must be so cool to have a brother,' your response is usually: 'Yeah...really cool.'

15. But, of course, when you grow up you become best friends for life.

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