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15 Parents Whose Creativity Is at a Whole New Level

When you become a parent, your life turns into a series of interesting but difficult quests. And in order to make it easier to complete them, you have to upgrade your imagination and patience skills. Then, teaching your children to be more responsible, motivated to read, or silent will be a piece of cake.

We at Bright Side think that imagination is exactly what you need to be a good parent. So, we want to share a compilation of secrets from other parents who have leveled-up their parenting skills.

How to explain to a child that all actions have consequences

How to keep kids busy and the floor clean

How to trick kids into eating

“This boy is only 5, but he goes shopping by himself already. I couldn’t understand why he had a stick on his back. It turned out that it allowed him to open the building door with the magnet key, because the lock is too high for him to reach.”

How to teach your kid to not be scared of dentists

How to have fun if you don’t have a sled

“My daughter kept pulling her bib off. Not anymore!”

How to limit your kid’s crying

Use a hoodie to support their head when they’re sleeping in a car seat. It prevents the head from dropping and bouncing.

How to motivate your kids to do things for you

How to keep a curious baby busy

How to make children have fun on their own

How to work and entertain your daughter at the same time

How to make children obey you and be healthy

A woman told her daughters that glow-in-the-dark pajamas need to be charged in the light and that they can’t move while charging.

Would you try any of the life hacks from this compilation? Do you have your own parenting tricks?

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