15 Times Older Kids Weren’t Always Happy to Have Little Siblings

A newborn baby is supposed to bring happiness to a family...or is it? We at Bright Side collected 15 pictures of kids who aren't exactly thrilled by their new siblings.

Mom, Dad, it's not the Easter bunny I asked for... Can we give him back?

Wait, am I not the only child now?!

Molly Wolferd

I'm not even the youngest!

Totally unfair.

Is he always going to be here now?

He cries all the time.

Eating my food.

No, that won't do. Older siblings should show the younger ones who the boss is.

This crown only fits one of us.

On the other hand, we've much in common. For example, a dislike for photo sessions.

And we both hate bathing in the morning.

Maybe we shouldn't sell the young one after all?

Maybe we'll grow up to be best friends?

Still, we need time to prepare for the coming event.

And then we'll meet our little sibling with sincere joy.

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