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15 unbearably cute photos of sleeping babies

Most children are so energetic and unpredictable that you never know what they are going to do. These little rascals are able to rush around the house for hours, turn everything upside down, and suddenly disappear from their parents’ eyesight. Checking in on our babies, we often find them taking a nap among the toys, besides the pet, or in some other unpredictable place.

Bright Side team has collected some of the most adorable photos proving that babies can fall asleep anywhere. Look and enjoy!

Her battery is low.

Believe or not, but playing around is very tiring work.

This baby is pretending to be a kitty.

Being a genius is not always easy.

My baby won't sleep well at night in her bed. But look at her now!

My dog is my best pillow.

Sleeping in the shopping cart is great. Have you ever tried it?

This baby sleeps so sweetly!

Too much walking for a day.

Sleep, little one, go to sleep, so peaceful are the birds and the sheep...

This child is definitely not afraid of monsters under the bed.

How on earth he can sleep like that?

A farmer with his harvest.

The patience and humility of this cat is limitless.

I feel tired after eating.

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